dermatología cosmética

Structural changes of modern society, increasing life expectancy, welfare and consumption have lead Dermatology to create a new area focused on improving patient image and self-esteem. Dermatologists have developed a series of techniques that help to develop the look of the skin or correct defects. These defects are often are squeal of dermatitis. We tailor each technique to every skin type needs, using the most advanced techniques and the latest materials to enhance the appearance of your skin.

PDO Lifting Threads

Treatment with polydioxanone lifting threads, provides a lifting effect with immediate results. It encourages the generation of collagen and elastin, rejuvenating and re-densifying the skin.

Treatment involves the implementation of a series of tensioning wires in dermis, these threads are absorbable and are being used in the medical field from years ago, so its safety has been extensively tested. The lifting effect achieved with polydioxanone threads allows to combat sagging skin, bringing vitality, elasticity and greater luminosity to the skin.


Local injections into mimetic muscles, that helps to relax the expression. Clears the look; lessening or minimizing wrinkles; providing a younger and healthier appearance.

Frown wrinkles is the most demanded treatment, providing many satisfactions for both; men and women.
When there is a tendency to frown, it is best to start at the age of 30 or even earlier, to prevent some gestures that develop over time.

Collagen Stimulation

Non-invasive medical treatment based on double action electrical puncture, NANOPORE turbo-roller technology. This technique stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, causing the self-healing of the skin, at the time it activates the penetration of the active ingredients applied with treatment.

This technique is intended for reducing wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. Obtaining visible results in a few sessions, without pain or need for recovery.

Chemical peeling

This technique involves placing different composition liquids on the skin. It will not only make an exfoliation, but will have a deeper effect, causing the formation of a dense, firm, hydrated and luminous skin. Acting on the superficial layers of the skin, gives a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Damaged cells are replaced by a regenerated, smooth and soft skin, reducing wrinkles and scars.

Different acids are used depending on the skin needs and the desired effect. There are different degrees of actuation, form the surface treatments that are fully compatible with daily life to strong ones which after a few days “look out” major skin improvements are achieved.


Application of different filling materials according to the location and the requirements of each patient hyaluronic-acid, hydroxyapatite …

Last generation materials are always used combined in different mixes depending on the area to be treated. It is usually used in small perioral wrinkles, nasolabial folds, marionette grooves that run from the corners of the mouth… In general, it permits to raise those areas that changes because of the gestures and physiognomy.

It is also used to outline the lips or slightly increase their volume or cheekbones.  In deep scars of the face, combined with other techniques for more complete and rapid improvements.

Intense Pulsed Light: IPL

This technique permits, without visible skin disorders, remove sunsports or any kind of strains, thanks to its deep actuation into the skin. At the same time, it causes skin reaffirmation while providing hydration to collagen and elastin, which provides more strength and shine to the skin. Awesome results are achieved in face, neckline and hands.

The IPL 540 eliminates vascular rosacea, small capillaries and redness. Favours the gradual absorption of redness by the organism, standardizes the colour of face and neck, providing a more youthful appearance.

Neodymium Yag

Treatment of unsightly spider veins and small varicose veins mainly located on thighs, calves and ankles. Neodymium Yag laser technology eliminates those unsightly irregular vessels.


Injection of anti-aging products increases the quality of the skin, improving its texture, hydration and reaffirmation. Providing skin resurfacing, which is evident from the first sessions.

Bioestimulation with platelets

The injection of platelet-rich plasma, previously extracted from the patient, produces a dermal regeneration from the deeper layers of the skin. Revitalizing and minimizing wrinkles, giving the skin a healthy look.


Through capacitive and resistive currents, Indiba method permits to achieve skin hydration, and wrinkle reaffirmation. Vasodilator effect, activates blood circulation, nourishing and revitalizing dermis cells.

Stretch Marks

Elimination and reduction of stretch marks in various parts of the body, there are different anti stretch marks treatments available, always selecting the technique that best fits each patient needs and skin characteristics.